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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work with healing and what are these services for?
I work through this wholehearted body in humility with God gifted intuition. The goal at Soul Insight is your empowerment. We are not interested in people being pulled out of themselves and reliant on information or outside sources that promise healing or guidance for extended periods of time; we work together to define the areas that need attention and use the information we generate working with one another for your specific needs.

How to you work?
With permission and from an inner heart place of peace and humility with our Creator, I intuitively connect with a person, animal, situation, object or physical space. Next comes listening, seeing and translating the messages and patterns that are revealed. There may be images images, languages, physical sensations, communications on different levels;  it’s a variety of information that comes, unique to each situation. Like a language interpreter or translator, I let it come through for the best translation possible.

Do you tell the future?
No. There are future timelines and based on current moment and what we do with it; they’re constantly shifting! But for the grace of God. We only focus on present systems, which at times are also connected to our past. The goal is to empower you to identify what is needed to be seen, cleared, transmuted, loved, undone or let go of so that your unique, blessed and innate guidance system is ignited and sustained.

Do you work in all time zones?

What languages do you work in?
English and Spanish.

How can I get more information?
Write to Soul Insight here.


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