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I was born, like many, with the gifts of seeing, hearing and sensing information; a strong God given intuition, through his only son, Jesus Christ.

This life's path has lead to living in different states and countries while working in service industries and communications: events, media, theater, tech and language translation. It took a series of silenced compounded traumas under corrupted business, educational and family systems -  which led to painful health consequences and life challenges -  for me to finally listen to the clear inner knowing of dedicating myself to healing while also serving others with reverence and empathy.

There's much more to life than what we perceive with our physical eyes. Newtonian physics and medicine barely scratch the surface of how things work on this planet. Quantum physics opened up some possibilities; yet there is Biblical cosmology that explains life and earth in ways institutional science completely refutes.


We are absolutely capable of more than most conventional medicine and science is currently able to measure or quantify. I respect many kinds of medicine - both ancient and modern, with the exception of drugs or institutions that poison for profit. Each person has their own ways to recover, heal and face challenges; there is no "one size fits all."

Most modern culture tells us that the saviors are outside of ourselves; we must give our power away to others, look a certain way, aspire to and follow social media influencers, false spiritual leaders, fake gurus, stock markets, corporations and polarized societal or political views.

The opposite is true; everything actually begins with and inside ourselves, with the love of God in our hearts. From our inner sacred place, interconnection and relation to all life supporting elements and systems can become clear. My mission is to assist those who desire to cultivate empowerment that organically originates in and with God; working together from the heart though these times of intensity and profound change.


If you would like a consult or more information please click here. It would be an honor to work with you, together at Soul Insight!


In wholehearted integrity,


How We Work Together

There's actually no mystery that we can connect to one another and offer insight;  be it through a screen, paper, in person or at a distance. There are a variety of ways we can work together on-line and off-line.

Healing Consulting Sessions
Healing consults for personal, professional, animal, or environmental issues. We can work via live encrypted audio or video as well as off-line audio files.

For more information, go to our FAQs.

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